Exchange and Return

If the rug does not suit you, it can be easily exchanged or returned.

  • You can exchange or return the product within 14 days from the purchase date.
  • You can arrange for the rug to be returned via our courier service.

To do this, please write to us at We will take care of the return. The DPD courier will pick up the rug(s) from you. The purchase amount will be refunded to your account immediately upon the return of the rug(s).
You can also return the rug to the store yourself.

  • The rug must not be used and all labels must be intact.

Before returning, the rug must be properly packaged:

  1. The rug should be rolled up.
  2. The rug must be completely wrapped in thick film, including the ends.
  3. The ends of the packaged rug should be additionally sealed with adhesive tape.